Unauthorized resellers

Learn more about Unauthorized resellers here!

Murad does not offer a manufacturer’s limited warranty and cannot vouch for the authenticity of products purchased from anyone who is not an authorized dealer.

The warranty, if any, is also not valid on Murad products that have defaced seals or otherwise tampered packaging. Support Murad by reporting unauthorized resellers to anti-diversion@murad.com. Murad is not able to identify all persons and companies who claim to be authorized Murad dealers.

Murad has been able to identify the following 
companies who are NOT authorized Murad dealers:

  • Acmamall.com
  • Beautyappointment.com
  • Beautydeals.net
  • Bed, Bath & Beyond
  • Buyquick.com/au
  • Cheapcosmetics.com.au
  • Costco
  • Dermco
  • Discountbeautycenter.com
  • Doorone.com.au
  • Dstore.com.au
  • Ebay.com
  • Eskincarestore.com
  • Eskinstore.com
  • Essential.com.au
  • Facevalueonline.com
  • Feelbeautiful.com.sg
  • Fragrancenet.com
  • Fragrancesandcosmetics.com/au
  • Glow.com
  • Gmarket.co.kr
  • Happy Nails
  • Hello-gorgeous.net
  • Keepyoungforever.com
  • Kincaredirect.com.au
  • Mantrap.co.nz
  • Midwestskincare.com
  • Pharmacydirect.co.nz
  • Prettyskin4less.com
  • Pureskin.com
  • Sasa.com
  • Strawberrynet.com
  • Uberglam.com.au
  • Visage Skin and Beauty Bar
  • Westaustraliaonline.com
  • Westcoastskin.com

Look for Our Seal of Authenticity

Beginning January 1, 2009, authentic Murad products bear a seal with a state of the art, currency grade hologram. When tipped, three patterns composed of elements of the Murad logo will be visible on the seal. To avoid counterfeit goods and to enjoy the safety, quality and performance of Murad products, always look for the Murad seal. Each seal also includes a unique code number that will soon enable you to access “best used by” information at Murad.com. Please avoid Murad products that have defaced seals or otherwise tampered packaging.

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